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Everybody’s Talking at Once is the home for a long-running, longform, and often just plain long podcast, and also collects some unsolicited thoughts predominantly (but not exclusively) about video games, the ways we understand them, and the people who make them.

Drew Messinger-Michaels is currently a professional software-and-business-know-abouter, and has written for about a dozen online publications, including UChicago Arts and the Chicago arm of The A.V. Club, and he’s co-authored some tech stuff as well. He served as the Founding Director of Gray Blush Gallery and the Managing Editor of Indie Loot. He holds a Master of Arts from the University of Chicago, where his thesis focused on Portal because of course it did, and he makes a mean matzo ball soup.

Lucio Valentino currently has no impressive credentials under his belt and is grateful and happy to share a space for thought with his much accomplished brother-from-another-mother. He loves bridging the gap between high culture and pop culture and, if family and friends are to be believed, is a decent writer and thinker and makes a fantastic pot of jambalaya. He insisted that Drew use the self-deprecating bio he wrote for himself, and Drew wasn’t happy about doing so, which is why Drew added this sentence.

Frances Michelle Cannon co-produces the Everybody’s Talking at Once Podcast, in between her duties as Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild and Associate Editor at The Full Pint. She’s made music, produced music, written about music (and plenty else), and while she might not have wanted that stuff mentioned, she’s busy as hell and Drew wrote this bio and he wanted to mention it, so there. Her lumpia is an experience not often equaled and not soon forgotten.

Everybody’s Talking at Once is dedicated to the proposition that we should take the things we love seriously without ever taking ourselves too seriously.

Have a question? Want to talk to us and/or see us talk about your work? Get in touch with Drew at dmm[at]etao[dot]blog

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