Cultural partners infuse youth with arts
University of Chicago, 2015

Edes Prize winner explores contrasts in Xilitla, Mexico
UChicago News, 2015

Objects & Voices exhibition foregrounds the craft of curation
(Also featured in the UChicago Arts 2015 Events & Exhibitions Guide).
UChicago News and UChicago Arts, 2015

Exploring the life and legacy of Susan Sontag at UChicago and beyond
UChicago News, 2015

Jack Lawrence Mayer on making work without permission
UChicago Arts, 2015

An evening with Kate Bornstein caps yearlong project on trans representation
UChicago News, 2014

Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry brings out playful side of scholars, artists
UChicago News, 2014

Interiors and Exteriors reunites rival schools of postwar Parisian avant-garde
UChicago News, 2014

Scholars Probe Interface Between Arts and Science
University of Chicago, 2013

avery r. young honors Trayvon Martin in groun(d) at the Arts Incubator
UChicago News, 2013

Three-part exhibition recollects and reconsiders AFRICOBRA movement
UChicago News, 2013

DoVA and the Case of the Thousand Dollar Magazine
UChicago News, 2013

“The Time We Killed” culminates the Moving Picture Alphabet Series
University of Chicago Arts Magazine, 2013

Audrius V. Plioplys on Blurring the Line between Art and Neurology

UChicago Arts, 2013

Art Exceeds Language in Wall Text Exhibition at the Logan Center
UChicago Arts, 2012

The Experimentation and Populism of Richard Lerman
UChicago Arts, 2012

Two Indie Devs on Indie Game: The Movie
Indie Loot, 2012

Color Jam Brings New Dimension to the Loop
UChicago Arts, 2012

Two UChicago Scholars on the Importance of Anthony McCall
UChicago Arts, 2012

Edes Prize Provides Alumni-Artists a Chance at a $30,000 Grant
UChicago Arts, 2012

A Scientist, an Artist, and an Audience Collaborate in FADEout
UChicago Arts, 2011

Linda Hoaglund’s ANPO: Art X War and Japan’s deferred protest movement
UChicago Arts, 2011

Meat Puppets at Schubas
A.V. Chicago, 2009

The Exquisite City
A.V. Chicago, 2008

Zappa Plays Zappa at the Morse Theatre
A.V. Chicago, 2008

Arnaldo Roche at the Chicago Cultural Center
Newcity, 2008


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