ETAO Podcast, Episode 02.

Davey Wreden discusses life after the release of his vividly realized, genuinely unique first game, The Stanley Parable—the problems that come with success, the guilt that comes with admitting that success comes with problems, endlessly recurring impostor syndromes, oscillating egomania, all that.

We also discuss the ongoing process of becoming an adult, our shared love of Spelunky, and the importance of (sometimes) being unsure of what you’ll work on next. The need to be surprised. And then Spelunky again. (Davey Wreden really likes Spelunky).

One quick show note. The interview itself starts off a little clunkily. There are odd pauses, and odder noise; it sounds for all the world like Davey is cutting carrots for a minute there. But it’s smooth sailing after about the 10-minute mark, and if you stick with it, I daresay it’ll be worth it.


Intro music and segues by Carpe Demon.
Outro music: “Following Stanley,” from Bits of Music from They Stanley Parable, by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra.

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