ETAO Podcast, Episode 07.

Richard Terrell of Critical-Gaming stops by to discuss something I wrote in response to something he wrote in response to something Ed Key wrote about whether Proteus is a game. (Still with me?)

Just how much work should we be doing to decide what is and isn’t a game, and why? Where does an attempt at clear, precise language become an unproductive terminological sword-measuring contest? Where does an attempt at broad inclusion become a mushy lack of useful definitions?
The view from my house last week.
We spend some time mapping out the middle ground between those extremes, and coming to understand one another’s positions a little better.

Plus, a few words on what Richard is up to next (a close reading of Droqen’s Starseed Pilgrim), and just how cold it’s been in Chicago (very damn cold).


• If you want to know where Richard is coming from, his Trigon Theory and his “Defense of Gameplay” are good places to start, as is his personal glossary.

• Skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype!! (Said like “Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!!”)


“All The People Say” by Carpe Demon.
“Ach Ja,” from some collection of folk dances.
“I’m in the Mood for Love” by Vera Lynn with The Casini Club Orchestra.
Allegro marziale animato, Franz Liszt’s Concerto for Piano No.1 in E flat major, performed by Artur Rubinstein and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

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