ETAO Podcast, Episode 35.

Kenny Lee is the less-frequently-interviewed half of the two-brother team that founded Cellar Door Games, the studio behind (most famously) Rogue Legacy and (most recently) Full Metal Furies. He’s also a fan of Ganbare Goemon and Mischief Makers and therefore a megaconnoisseur and the greatest game scholar of our age—so people should really interview him more, happy as I am to get the scoop.

2018-04-17 (2)

We discuss the remarkable design, rocky launch, and hopefully resurgent future of Full Metal Furies, the difficulty of marketing small-but-meaningful bits of game-feel, and the challenge of designing around (or against) players’ compulsive tendencies to keep playing the same way even when they’re not having a lick of fun.

Castle Crashers does indeed have a regenerating mana system.

The specific Teddy Interview that Kenny mentions is here.

• The Fucking Champs started making music in the mid-90s, actually. I’m old.

• So it was actually in a series of Twitter DMs that Richard Terrell informed me I’d been playing Paper Mario: Color Splash wrong. I guess this was the first time I’d discussed it publicly, and that I owe Richard a podcasty mea culpa sometime.

Mikey’s thing on sequels comes highly recommended.

The differences between what we sometimes call Spelunky and what we sometimes call Spelunky HD (both of which we sometimes just call Spelunky) are a bit more numerous than I’d realized.
“All The People Say (Season 2)” by Carpe Demon.
“Full Metal Furies” from the Full Metal Furies OST by A Shell in the Pit.

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