ETAO Podcast, Episode 40.

Henrik Pettersson introduces us to The Gardens Between, a wordless narrative puzzle game in which you play as time itself. We talk about themes surrounding memory, the quest to make complicated games simple (and vice-versa), the seemingly-ever-in-progress indiepocolypse, and a few untranslatable Swedish words.

Oh, and SPOILERS for Persona 5 from 01:03:38 to 01:05:15, for some damn reason.

• Did you know that the Swedish language has 100 discrete words for “insufficiently soundproof?” It’s a fact, probably!

• Here are some of those ideas about memory and retention.

• Here’s that Polygon article on there being “too many games.”

• And here’s my sleepy-ass playthrough of Kentucky Route Zero.

• And here’s my interview with Joel Corelitz about GOROGOA.

• We don’t talk about it in the interview, but the game’s “ambient slow trailer” is just lovely.

“All The People Say (Season 2)” by Carpe Demon.
“Between Friends” and “Weight of Air (feat. Leah Kardos & mara)” from Glowing Pains: Music from The Gardens Between by Tim Shiel.

Logo by Aaron Perry-Zucker, using Icons by Llisole, Dávid Gladiš, Atif Arshad, Daniel Nochta, Mike Rowe, Jakub Čaja, Raji Purcell and IconsGhost from the Noun Project.

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