ETAO Podcast, Episode 42.

Headliner: NoviNews puts you in the shoes of he/she/xe who curates the news in a country that is rapidly going strange, and just as rapidly becoming politically unstable. It’s a game about information as a tool, news as a product, and ideology as a career.

We talk about the process of being even-handed and open minded without slipping into being anything so soppy and unhelpful as neutral or, for that matter, centrist. We talk about the world-building connections between NoviNews and the first HEADLINER, not to mention Jakub’s other games. We talk about biases more pervasive in the news than oft-cited left/right biases. We talk about late night comedy and TED Talks, and unavoidably, we talk about capital-P Politics.

In case you weren’t sure what I meant by “ur-facism”.

• Here’s Samantha Bee on Watergate.

• A lot of what I’m saying about frequently-undiscussed media biases comes from Brooke Gladstone’s The Influencing Machine.

The TED talk Jakub mentions was not what I was thinking of. Nor was this. Hm.

• Here’s Jakub talking about his data-mining back when he was making the first HEADLINER.

• There are some better predictors of voting for Trump, and specifically for the being an Obama/Trump voter, than Apprentice viewership.

Yes, Operation Wetback was a thing, and yes, it was called that.

The exportation of Texan biases too all of U.S. public education is a hell of a thing.

• And here’s an excellent retrospective of the nuances of free speech in the United States.

• Do actually get out there and vote, yeah?
“All The People Say (Season 2)” by Carpe Demon.
“The Headlines of My Heart” by Lee Ferebee, performed by Jimmy Leyden And His Orchestra.
“Apple Blossoms” by Vernon Geyer.
“Do not worry baby” by Antti Luode (as it appears in the Headliner: NoviNews soundtrack).

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