Lucio and I have played a whole lot of Destiny 2, not always the way it was probably intended to be played. Along the way, we’ve accumulated a whole lot of sweet, lovely, useless, infuriating loot. Loot everywhere. Loot we’ve loved, aggressively rendered obsolete by new loot that we will also love and treasure and eventually resent. It gets complicated for me, this attachment to things that are of questionable value even within a fictional context.

So I recently did a livestream during which I did a Marie Kondo-style tidying of my completely and utterly full Vault. It was oddly satisfying for me, and it might be for you as well. Dig the archive, if you’re so inclined:

One dumb thing: The stream was picking up my headset mic, rather than the nice one I use for the podcast, once Lucio joined. I know exactly what I did wrong, and future streams will not be similarly afflicted. I’m old, and new to streams.

Thanks for tuning in, those who did and will!

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