ETAO Podcast, Episode 70.

If you only know the arcade version Killer Queen by reputation, then you might assume Killer Queen Black is simply a home port of the same game—but in fact is Black another game entirely, albeit one that carries over many core mechanics from what is now officially called Killer Queen Arcade, and one taking place in the same surreal universe. It’s not a port, nor is it really a sequel, nor it it exactly an adaptation. It’s a thoughtfully designed oddball offshoot, meant to give longtime players something new and, perhaps even moreso, to bring new players into the bumble-fold.

Among cs wallace’s responsibilities for Killer Queen Black was fashioning the game’s tutorial—not a trivial task for a game (or now, a series) famed for social learning and multithreaded team strategy. Here he talks about his goals when crafting that (pretty darn punchy) tutorial, the overall philosophy behind Black, and a whole lot of inside baseball Killer Queen arcana.

You can get Killer Queen Black on Steam and Switch, you can get 3 Nights in Chicago on Itch, and you can find find Killer Queen Arcade all over these United States of ours.
You can also follow cs (and the game itself) on Twitter.
• For more on Killer Queen Arcade, do check out the episode with Alan Dang.

Death By Audio has undergone a lot of changes, produced a lot of offshoots, and left one hell of a mark.

Wonderville and Babycastles are indeed both on WithFriends (which, as I say in the intro, is more like Patreon for than Kickstarter).

• Charles Pratt’s talk at this most recent Bumble Bash has yet to surface online, but his mathy analysis of Bumble Bash as an institution is ripe for the reading.
“All The People Say (Season 3)” by Holly Hyperion.
Some fanfare from Killer Queen Black.
“Apple Blossoms” by Vernon Geyer.
Some additional rock from Killer Queen Black.

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