ETAO Podcast, Episode 79.

Arvi Teikari is here to talk about Baba Is You, as well as Environmental Station Alpha, its forthcoming sequel, and the bonny pile of other gamic delights that he’s made and is making. Along the way we also talk about the function of criticism and reviews, the ever-befuddling burlesque of spoiler avoidance, and icebergvanias (a semi-obscure maybe-genre that I’ll definitely revisit in more detail in our blog sometime, for those who want a primer).

SPOILERS about Baba’s late-game surprises from 48:05 to 59:03 and 1:35:46 to 1:37:12.

You can get Baba Is You on Steam,, Humble, and Switch.
You can get Noita on Steam,, GOG, and Humble.
You can get the Baba Is You soundtrack on Steam and
And you can get a whole bunch of Arvi’s other games on his website.

You can also follow Arvi (and Baba) on Twitter, and watch Arvi develop on his Twitch stream.
• I had a lovely time checking out T in Y World.

• I believe it was Heather Flowers who said that thing about world-building, and I believe that she said it on Twitter, but I’m having a hell of a time finding the Tweet.

• It was actually at the Gamelab Conference that Arvi talked about designing “Entropy” fairly early in the game’s design process.

• His disembodied voice time with the GDC folks is lovely too, though, and it gets a shade more technical besides.

• And here’s why Baba’s name is Baba. (Just so soft and round is Baba). This is of course also why Keke’s name is Keke.
“All The People Say (Season 3)” by Holly Hyperion.
“Baba Is You” and “Fruit On Grass – Garden” from the Baba Is You OST by Arvi Teikari.

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