ETAO Podcast, Episode 90.

Warren Arnold has been with Jackbox Games since they were Jellyvision, having worked first on the Facebook iteration of You Don’t Know Jack, and later on every Jackbox Party Pack, including the forthcoming seventh one. Here he talks about the peculiarities of Jackbox Games’ design process, the finer points of comedy writing in big, collaborative projects, and the ethical mandates of moderation—with special attention to his work on Push the Button, Patently Stupid, and Quiplash 3.
The Jackbox Games team, including Warren, plays Quiplash 3.
You can play The Jacbkbox Party Packs on Steam, Epic, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xfinity, and the Mac App Store, with links to all those storefronts on the Jackbox Games website.
The Jackbox Games folks also stream on Twitch and YouTube.
You can also follow Warren (and Jackbox) on Twitter.
• The header image is from the glorious absurd Quiplash 3 trailer.

• Here’s “People Are Alike All Over,” the Twilight Zone episode that inspired Push the Button.

• Here’s a blog post on the new moderation features in Party Pack 7.

• Here’s the current state of the profoundly bizarre U.S. Army Esports Team situation, with its bannings and unbannings.

• And here’s that stream that showed an early version of Quiplash 3 specifically, and a more recent stream showing a slightly less early version!
“All The People Say (Season 3)” by Holly Hyperion.
Some music from the Quiplash 3 Original Soundtrack, by Andy Poland.

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