ETAO Podcast, Episode 93.

Nils Deneken has been working on Mutazione in one way or another since 2008. (You might have heard 2009, but in this interview, we set that particular misconception straight!) Through more than a decade of reinvention and revision, the game has retained its core of ensemble-cast intimacy and gorgeous mutated nature (rendered in desaturated vectors and a sense of figure that it at once weighty and abstract).

In this conversation, Nils talks about the emotional and thematic center of Mutazione—from decentering the player-character, to celebrating our complicated relationship to the natural world, to depicting a utopian community where people can, like, you know, talk stuff out.
Tai, a teeanger in athletic shorts and running shoes, sitting next to her grandfather Nanno, who is lying in bed, looking at her and saying 'I thought you'd never make it... in time.' Kai's options are to 'Apologise' or 'Explain.'
You can play Mutazione on PS4, Steam, GOG, Game Jolt, Itch, and Apple Arcade.
You can hear the soundtrack on most places where music gets sold and/or streamed.
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“All The People Say (Season 3)” by Holly Hyperion.
“Title Theme,” “Day One Evening Suite,” and “The Trip” from the Mutazione Original Soundtrack by Alessandro Coronas.

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