ETAO Podcast, Episode 99.

2020, everybody. It was a weird year for lots of things, we think it’s fair to say—including but by no means limited to games. So in this episode, we take a moment to recap the games we played this year, the games currently glistening atop (or languishing deep within) our to-read piles, and the games of the future we’re anticipating.

From the blockbusters to the altgames, and from the newest newnesses to the remasters and remakes, we compare our notes, clarify our disagreements, and celebrate the games and gameoids we found so very worth celebrating through this stupid, stupid year.
An art gallery in Animal Crossing, with Drew's avatar wearing Coke bottle glasses and sporting a curly moustache. Kabuki, a cat in kabuki makeup, is looking at Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night and saying 'Now that's somethin' I like!
• Can you believe that we’ve never actually had Drew, Lucio, and Michelle on the show at the same time? Drew was incredulous, but the data bears it out. So this is an occasion, and a silly, slap-happy dynamic besides.

• Here’s Drew’s piece on Death Stranding and Breath of the Wild.

Mark Brown’s video on accessibility in games in 2020 talks a fair bit about The Last of Us Part II’s next-levelness in that department.

• Here’s Drew’s piece on Demon’s Souls and the irresolvable weirdness of remakes, and here’s his piece on moon (among other things).

Mixolumia blew up Drew’s timeline, but didn’t win any Game Awards or whatever. Check it out.
“All The People Say (Season 3)” by Holly Hyperion.
“Apple Blossoms” by Vernon Geyer.
“Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden, performed by some hard lads in a PUMA commercial, roughly as the recording appears in Hard Lads.

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