ETAO Podcast, Episode 101.

You might know Chel Wong from her rightly-celebrated, highly modular soundtrack to Kine, and some more people are about to know her from Watch This Space. But you definitely already know her if you’re even tangentially involved in the Boston-area indie scene (or for that matter, the New England Smash scene). She’s in some ways as accomplished at fostering community as she as at crafting intricate, reactive soundscapes.

Here we talk about Chel’s music-making process, how her approach to networking has changes, and the specific difficulties of being an extrovert in these long, hug-deprived COVID months. Also, we goof around a fair bit.
The accordion character from Kine, extending their squeezebox arms, flopping onto and off of them, and then saying 'whee!'
You can find Watch This Space on Steam.
You can get Chel’s music, gamic and otherwise, on Bandcamp.

You can also follow Chel on Twitter.
• Here’s the episode wherein we talk to Philip Buchanan, previously of 39 Days to Mars and lately of Watch This Space.

Only Cans is a hoot, as is Chel’s chill-ass Shize™️ jingle.
“All The People Say (Season 4)” by Drew Messinger-Michaels.
“Helpful Hydra” and “WATCH THIS MENU” from the Watch This Space Original Soundtrack by Chel Wong.

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