ETAO Podcast, Episode 103.

Chris King of Batterystaple Games shares a chunk of his time to discuss 30XX, the reimagined, souped-up sequel to the Mega Man X-esque roguelike-alike 20XX.

We get pretty far into the weeds as far as the differences between the two games, the double-edged beam-sword of encouraging player-created content from day one, the advantages and disadvantages of working with an engine built from scratch, and why roguelike design patterns are likely here to stay.
A still from the animated trailer to 30XX, with Ace brandishing a beam-sword in the foreground for defend Nina, who looks on from the background. The stones and gravel and grass of the Burning Temple surround them, with a single lantern glowing eerie blue.
You can get 30XX on Steam.
You can get the soundtrack on Steam and Bandcamp.
You can also follow Chris on Twitter.
“All The People Say (Season 4)” by Drew Messinger-Michaels.
“30XX (Main Theme)” and “Atomichron (Clockzone)” from the 30XX OST by Cityfires.

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