We sure haven’t managed to stream consistently just yet, but we’ve been doing some good stuff, if I do say so myself. So I thought I’d take a moment and highlight that work.

In addition to our now-completed Dark Souls 3 playthrough, we’ve got an in-progress run of Crusader Kings III. If you’ve ever wanted to see an enthusiastic ignoramus (me) and a charismatic medievalist (Adam) jarling it up, we’ve got you covered.

There’s intrigue! And ignominy! And warfare! And witches!

For something fairly different, I’ve also started streaming some old N64 games, beginning with Tetrisphere. I’m focusing on games that (1) aren’t currently available by any official means, and ideally also (2) were never rereleased and (3) don’t run quite as well as one might wish on noncommercial emulators. That puts some of my N64 favorites right in the sweet spot.

Expect some more of this game, and also something longer and more narrative, soon enough. Mysitcal Ninja Starring Goemon and Mischief Makers are both on tap.

If some of all of this sounds like your jam, then you can tune in on YouTube, Twitch, or the Periscope streams on our Twitter.

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