Carlos Bordeu is the C in ACE Team, the studio behind Rock of Ages, Zeno Clash, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, SolSeraph, Abyss Odyssey, and most recently, The Eternal Cylinder. The studio’s projects are reliably-original-unto-earnestly-bizarre, going full-tilt at strange, wondrous ideas and preoccupations. They’re fascinating when they fail in places (Carlos’ own main example being Zeno Clash II) and thrilling when they succeed, as The Eternal Cylinder does.

Here Carlos talks about the game’s themes (and multifarious fan interpretations thereof), its slow-boiling narrative, and the absurd, ambitious tech behind its core conceit of a world that is lush, credible, and entirely describable, indeed doomed to be destroyed.

You can get The Eternal Cylinder on Epic, Xbox, and Playstation.
And you can find the rest of ACE Team’s catalog on their website.
You can also follow Carlos (and ACE Team, and Clash: Artifacts of Chaos) on Twitter.

• You can watch Carlos’ livestreams on the Good Shepherd Entertainment YouTube channel.

• Here’s that blog post by Jonas Kyratzes, who wrote The Eternal Cylinder’s story.

“All The People Say (Season 4)” by Carpe Demon.
“The Mathematician” and “Sunrise with Rings” from the soundtrack to The Eternal Cylinder by Patricio Meneses.

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