Drew, Lucio, and L check in on what they’ve been playing these past few months. Splatoon 3 naturally comes up, as does Drew’s continuing project to catch up on Final Fantasy XIV. Meanwhile, L has been messing around with her new Steam Deck, so prepare to hear about Rune Factory, about Capybara Spa, and (whisper it) about exploring older games via emulation. (The Steam Deck is excellent for that, even unto Valve themselves occasionally forgetting to pretend otherwise).

Ah, but the main event just might be the Drew and Lucio losing their minds (all over again) at the ill-advisedly twist-centric narrative of A Way Out—so MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING OF A WAY OUT FROM 0:55:55 to 1:02:21, and a callback thereto from 1:13:54 to 01:14:26.

• The latest Tim Rogers mega-review (of Boku no Natsuyasumi, which we mentioned in the show notes last time as well) does include an aside about the Animal Crossing series, and a (surreal, nightmarish) foray into the original game particularly.

• At time of posting, you can in fact just go ahead and order a Steam Deck. The Playdate still involves a waitlist, however.

• You can hear L eating babka at a few points in this episode. In her defense, Drew makes truly superlative babka. (Here’s what she was referencing at the end, by the way).

• Here’s our streaming series with Lucio and Drew playing It Takes Two.

• Dr. Holmes, the kinky, unwieldable lategame paramour-armament in Boyfriend Dungeon (designed by Ikumi “It’s Spooky” Nakamura) is in fact a whip. Drew was conflating them with Rowan (who is a Scythe, and a bit spooky besides). The ETAO Podcast regrets the error.

• Also! Drew wrote a bit about camp-adjacent appreciation of games a while back.

“All The People Say (Season 5)” by Carpe Demon.
“Way Out There” by Bob Nolan, performed by Sons of the Pioneers.

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