It would be quite the understatement to say that things have changed in VR in the six years Anton Hand has been working on Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. Companies have entered and exited. Platforms have risen and fallen. Things have gotten vastly stupider in various ways—but all while VR enthusiasts have carved out fascinating niches. VRChat is one. PC VR gaming is another, replete with wild little subcultures and big, ambitious experiments.

In this episode, Anton physics-flops on by to talk about how his studio RUST LTD. came to be, what they’re saying with their expansive, lushly simulationist VR opus about guns and hot dogs, and why they’re not working with Facebook (like, ever).

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is currently in Early Access on Steam.
You can also follow Anton on Twitter, which still exists, and see his devlogs on YouTube.


• It’s sort of correct to say that you can get Overwatch 2 skins faster by playing World of Warcraft instead, as Polygon reported.

The most recent Science Vs about gun violence has a good summary (with sources) of what objectively works, gun control-wise, and why the U.S. almost certainly won’t do any of it.

The John Brown Gun Club is worth knowing about.

• Here’s the absolutely fucking ridiculous cover of Time Magazine featuring Oculus founder Palmer Luckey posing on a pretend beach with faux-balletic physical implausibly.
“All The People Say (Season 5)” by Carpe Demon.
“Meat Hunter” by Joe Kataldo, from the Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades OST.

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