Drew here, with an update. At the time I recorded this episode, I was not aware of A.M. Darke’s accusations against Zack Johnson. Among the numerous reasons this sucks (though by no means the most important one) is that it’s embarrassing. Research is something I’m generally pretty good at, so missing a serious matter mentioned on the first page of Google results about the person I was interviewing, and on his studio’s Wikipedia page, is beyond dumb.

The thing is, I don’t usually start out by Googling the guest, in this fallen age of SEO-optimized hyperspam. Rather, I start by seeking out their other podcast appearances on ListenNotes, and then their conference talks on YouTube. I read as much of what they’ve written as I can (which can be a lot of material, especially for someone like Zack, who’s been exorbitantly online for about two decades). Most importantly, I play through the game we’re going to talk about—in this case, a pretty long game, which I squeezed in while visiting family over the holidays.

None of this is an excuse for missing something that was and is both important and obvious. Nor is the fact that I’m a one-person production team, nor that I was working on the show during a busy time. All of that is, obviously, on me.

The point is just to make it clear that I simply, genuinely, fucked up. I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable being associated with the show as a result of my doing so, and I’ve taken the episode down.

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