Paul Chamberlain originally wanted to be a hacker—which led him to work as a “technologist” (ooh) at the Signals Intelligence Agency and the Australian Federal Police, which led him to work in computer security and “information warfare” (ooh again) at Google, which led him to work on anti-cheat software for League of Legends and Valorant at Riot Games.

That experience, in turn—the experience of getting to collaborate across disciplines, to be a bit of a generalist despite having been hired with a specialized skillset in mind—is what he’s now trying to recreate at his studio, New Avalon.

You can also follow Paul on Twitter, and do likewise for New Avalon.
Likewise with Odyssey Interactive and Omega Strikers.


• Here’s that excellent Dan Olson video, which is something of a sequel to this one. Later in the conversation, his video on Fortnite becomes relevant as well.

• And here’s our conversation with Greg Haynes from AbleGamers.

“All The People Say (Season 5)” by Carpe Demon.
“Go Strike! (Karaoke Version)” by James Landino, the theme from Omega Strikers.

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