We’ve been streaming of late, and rather than post every time we do so, I’ll do some periodic roundups. That folks who primarily follow the blog and the podcast can at least know what’s going on over at the nascent funhouse that is ETAOTV.

If you want to follow our streaming exploits, you can do so on Twitch and/or YouTube.

Here’s what you’ve been missing (but need miss no longer!)

First up, we have a sort of sequel to the previous Destiny 2 tidying stream, with Drew and Lauren working through their maxed-out Animal Crossing: New Horizons inventories. As with the Destiny Konmari, it’s fairly loose, but we’ve also edited out the out-and-out cruft.

Meanwhile, Drew and Lucio have been chatting around and about Lothric for a longplay of Dark Souls III. For the moment, we’re leaving these stream archives up just as they are, technical difficulties and all, cruft-inclusive. Really, you can start with Episode IV, if you’re not deeply invested in microphone fiddling and inventory management, but here’s the full playlist.

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