Star St. Germain has worked in an uncommonly wide variety of media, from music to comics to gallery art—all within a consistent and unified practice, which she talks us through here, and which she also brings to ArcaniteCo’s debut game HoloVista. In talking about that project, we also talk about the existential perils of social media saturation, the unique possibilities of generative image-making, the real technologies and possibilities behind the Web3 hype, and the many things we mean when we say mixed reality.

You can get HoloVista for iPhone and iPad in the Apple App Store.
You can also follow Star (and Aconite) on Twitter.

• Here’s Star’s episode of Eggplant about HoloVista, as well as the episode about Inscryption that she guest co-hosted.

Nick Tierce and Steve Peters are indeed genuine luminaries of the ARG scene.

Tender Claws’ Tempest has more or less come and gone, as Star says.

Our conversation with Jordan Thomas about The Blackout Club doesn’t touch on the game’s theatrical/mixed reality elements, because those hadn’t started yet—but it does offer an interesting look of what the game looked like before it became what it eventually became.

Our talk with Russel Quinn is definitely closely related to Star’s more expansive, tech-and-medium-agnostic definition of mixed reality.

Here’s CAGES, which Wolf and the Wondershow is currently putting on in Los Angeles.

• And here’s Rami Ismail’s thread about dice.

Monographs, the precursors to NFTs, were indeed created by Anil Dash and Kevin McCoy as a solution to the quite specific problem of wealthy art collectors wanting to “own” digital art.

• Thinking though that notion of commissions on aftermarket sales of the NFTs associated with artworks, yeah, that’s absolutely something that we could achieve without the blockchain, using ordinary contracts, royalties, and chains of trust—but it’s also an example of a potentially useful idea that could get normalized in the course of our current, NFT-crazed market moment.

Dan Olson’s truly excellent video on NFTs wasn’t out at time of recording. Drew did however have his then-recent conversation with Matt Condon and Jonathan Mann in mind. (Also, the Foldable Human himself had already read a draft of the script for his video on stream).

Generative Adversarial Networks are utterly fascinating, and they have enormous potential.

“All The People Say (Season 5)” by Carpe Demon.
“Underwater (ft. Star St. Germain),” “Apartment (Vodka Mix),” and “Art Room” from the HoloVista Original Soundtrack by Mariode.

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