Franny, Lucio, and Drew check in on what they’ve been playing, including but by no means limited to Elden Ring. We talk Neon White, Tunic, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Stray, as well as some of the games we’re looking forward to later this year, from God of War Ragnarök and Splatoon 3 to Venba and We Are OFK.

Also: What have Lucio’s kids been playing? What are the kids into these days, we ask, sounding as old as we’ve ever sounded, and embracing it. (The kids are into mods, hearteningly!)

• The game Drew and Lucio couldn’t think of was Bendy and the Ink Machine, and the mod Drew mentions puts Bendy into Poppy Playtime.

• Here once again is the People Make Games investigation into Roblox, and their follow-up about the Roblox folks trying to get them to take the original video down.

• Kirby Your Enthusiasm, basically as Drew described it? Totally a thing.

Zach Barth’s most recent appearance on the show was in fact his eighth.

• For those who don’t know, the Bryant in question is the Director of OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, so we do not claim that our excitement for that game is entirely objective.

• We didn’t really get to in it on the show, but the doubling of identities in Elden Ring isn’t just about being confusing. It’s thematic. It’s about people playing different roles over long lives, to say nothing of eternal lives. (That said, it is also tremendously confusing).

• The Teddy in question was Teddy Dief.

“All The People Say (Season 5)” by Carpe Demon.
“Pluckin’ the Bass” by Roy Eldridge and Joe Eldridge, performed by Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, featuring Milton Hinton.

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