Last time Anisa Sanusi was on the show, she talked about the Limit Break mentorship program, and her thoughtful, wide-ranging UI/UX work on Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous. Now she’s back to talk about her work on Rollerdrome, how it dovetails with her own newfound love of skating, and how she collaborated with the rest of the team to convey loads of timely information to the player without giving the game too gamey an aesthetic.

You can get Rollerdrome on Steam and PlayStation.
You can learn more about Limit Break on their Twitter, their Instagram, and their website.
And you can follow Anisa on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

• We cite our sources around here, so here’s where I got that pull quote.

“The Dice Punks go Meatpunk!” is here, and everywhere else you want podcasts to be.

• Here’s Anisa’s episode of What Else Do You Do? wherein she talks about her skate crew and their specializations and such.

Neo Cab is another game with a comic-booky visual style, albeit one with some more shading, and therefore distinct from Rollerdrome or Sable.

• Here’s that joyful video of Anisa watching the Rollerdrome reveal.
“All The People Say (Season 5)” by Carpe Demon.
“Zugspitz Station” and “Kara’s Theme” from the Rollerdrome OST by ELECTRIC DRAGON.

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