Another year, and another ‘cast in which to review said year. For (somehow!) the first time ever, Drew, Lucio, Franny, and L are all together to talk about what they’ve played, what they haven’t, and what they’re planning on playing—that last category covering both stuff that’s currently in their to-read piles, and stuff that’ll be out next year and beyond. (Soon, Tears of the Kingdom).

SPOILERS for the ending of the first rebooted God of War from 25:22 to 26:28.
Some structure-level SPOILERS for Pentiment from
50:33 to 52:18.

• The header image is from Pentiment. (Drew really likes Pentiment, if that wasn’t clear).

Potion Craft is not yet on Switch, nor is it on Playstation, but it’s coming to both.

• Here are some details on the $520,000,000 Epic will have to pay for their various evil monetization shit (our verbiage, not the Federal Trade Commission’s).

• Here’s Drew’s piece of about Dad of Boy, and Mark Brown’s video about Dadrök.

• L talked a bunch about Arceus in our first Quarterly of 2022.

• Here’s Josh Sawyer’s thread about all the folks who worked on Pentiment.

• Drew threw some money at a Digital Eclipse investment campaign earlier this year—and the day after we recorded this episode, Digital Eclipse revealed that Atari 50 was the first game they’d developed using the money from that campaign. Drew’s praise for the game was sincere, but we did want to go ahead and be transparent, this being the golden age of shilling and all.

• Additional to-reads for Drew include NORCO, Citizen Sleeper, Tinykin, Chained Echoes, Steelrising, 古剑奇谭三, Heavenly Bodies, and Butterfly Soup 2. Because we’re continuing to do the quarterlies, we can give these the attention they deserve when the time is right.

“All The People Say (Season 5)” by Carpe Demon.
“People Are Talking” by James Sheppard and William Miller, performed by The Heartbeats with Al Browne’s Orchestra.

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