ETAO Podcast, Episode 50.

Robin Baumgarten’s work doesn’t fit neatly into any single category or tradition. He makes games that are also toys, and also art installations, and also unusually beguiling lamps, and also—most straightforward to experience, most difficult to describe—simply objects that make the world a little stranger a little more beautiful whenever and wherever you encounter them.

In this episode, Robin wobbles on over to talk about Line Wobbler, Wobble Garden, Quantum Garden, and all the weird questions that they raise about what the hell games and art and arcades and galleries even are at this point in history.

• Here’s some information on what I’ll be doing with Zach Barth at GDC this year! Come by if you’re attending!

• And here’s Zach at the NYU Game Center last year, talking about how math sucks (among other things).

• Here’s Robin talking about the build process for Line Wobbler, fellow spring nerds.

• Here’s the emulator-friendly version of Line Wobbler Advance.

Wolfenstein 1D is a good’n.

• As is Get Lamp.

• And as is Two Bit Circus.

• Also, here’s that piece on the perils of social media vanity, and the scored-earth modes of consumption attendant thereto. I should mention that this story as continued developing, and taken a fairly dark turn between the recording and the release of my interview with Robin.

“All The People Say (Season 3)” by Holly Hyperion.
“The Spring Is in My Garden” by H.M. Tennent, performed by Carmen Hill.
“Naiads at the Spring” by Paul Juon, performed by Olga Samaroff.
Sounds from Line Wobbler, by Robin Baumgarten, played at STUGEN.

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