Anita Tung wends her way to us to talk about The Last Clockwinder, one of those VR games that really and truly could only be done in VR. (For another example, see our recent episode with Chris Hanney). On this week’s show, we discuss the interdisciplinary joys of small teams, the aesthetics (and technical challenges) of clutter, and the persistent magics of VR.

CONTENT WARNING for discussions of death and grieving from 41:10 to 46:54.

The Last Clockwinder is out now on Steam, Quest, and PSVR2.
You can see what positions Pontoco has available on their jobs page.
You can also find lots of Anita’s work on her website, and follow her on Twitter and Mastodon.


• Here’s our conversation with Joel Corelitz.

Gathering Sky really is lovely, and it commits to the peculiarities of touch interfaces in about the same way that The Last Clockwinder commits to the peculiarities of VR.

• Here’s Matthew Blair’s GDC talk about The Last Clockwinder, as well as John Austin’s.

• We’ve known about the role of seawater in Roman concrete since 2017 or so.

• We’ll also link this fairly recent piece about Roger Morash and Shard.

• For more on studio sustainability, we’d recommend our episodes with Megan Fox, Glen Henry, Anya Combs, and William Pugh.

“All The People Say (Season 5)” by Carpe Demon.
“Gardeners: Bomb Berry Laboratory” from The Last Clockwinder OST by Joel Corelitz.

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