ETAO Podcast, Episode 107.

Jeremy Warmsley’s music has spanned pop (or more broadly, the whole touring band thing), film, television, radio, and recently, games. He’s an inventive, thoughtful, ever-expressive voice wherever he shows up (including on podcasts, as it happens).

Here we mostly talk about his game soundtracking work on Russell’s Quinn’s Linda & Joan, and on Minskworks’ historically situated, abstract-yet-simulationist opuses, Jalopy and Landlord’s Super. But of course, we do also find time to talk about the joys and perils of using stylistic touchpoints, the ever-thorny question of separating artists from their art, and the strange, intense relationship that players can form to the music in the games they (come to) love. 2021-04-10 (4)
You can find Jeremy’s entire portfolio on his website.
You can get his work for Jalopy, Landlord’s Super, and Linda & Joan on Bandcamp.
You can also follow Jeremy (and his band Summer Camp) on Twitter.


• Do check out the Limit Break Mentorship Program if you want to get involved! Applications close May 2. And do check out my talk with Anisa Sanusi if you’d like to hear more about the program’s goals (and how they’ve grown and changed).

• Here’s my upcoming record, and here’s the Dice Punks podcast.

• Here’s that podcast about Terry Pratchett books that Jeremy did, and here’s the one about movies under ninety minutes that he did alongside his wife and bandmate Elizabeth Sankey. They were on that one twice actually, the second time to promote and discuss Elizabeth’s essay film Romantic Comedy.

“I Don’t Like Cricket (I Love It)” is a song that my American ass had never heard, I’ll admit.

• Here’s Adam Neely talking about “the harmonic style of 18th Century European musicians” (better known as music theory).

• You can hear some of those “remastered” SNES (and now N64!) tracks on The Brickster’s YouTube channel, and you can hear his reaction to the technical bizarreness of the Earthbound soundtrack on his episode of The Video Game History Hour.

• We both mispronounced Marina Abramović‘s name, but not, to be clear, out of any disrespect for her work.

Curiosity was quite the project, and so too is petermolydeux.

• I had definitely never heard of Countdown, hopelessly American fellow that I am.

• Do check out our conversation with Brian Handy, as well as the plenitudinous audioludic compendium that is

For the record, no less an authority than Chase Strangio would argue that tweeting against transphobia is productive, actually.

“All The People Say (Season 4)” by Drew Messinger-Michaels.
Some music from the bench scene in the Linda & Joan Prologue, and from a forthcoming in-universe Landlord’s Super mixtape, both by Jeremy Warmsley.

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